Letter Writing Brainstorm

Tone, I like the tone and the possible underlying motives of people

Something historical, want figure, Martin Luther King Junior maybe something president how about emotion guy who wrote the censored book how letters have instigated change, why should we continue to letters write, what about historical events, subtext, laws, censorship, protests against something, words of anger, something that doesn’t beat around the bush

Perhaps, I like that, branch out, discourse between families? Has to be an aspect of letter writing though, like something with language, SOAPSTone, I hope to find something, what about it’s affect on audience, both personal and public audience

Government leaders, something science, conspiracies, how the project they are working on will affect them personally and outside of the world, scientists? Physicists?

But I like hidden subtext, even in normal people. What about war letters? Love letters? Something with two meanings or messages – How does letter writing translate into other mediums, distort messages, help or hinder the reader and writer

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